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Phoenix Lights

New documentary "Phoenix Lights" available on DVD. "During the evening of March 13, 1997, thousands of Arizona residents witnessed a silent mile-wide, v-shaped formation of lights that seemed to be attached to something, slowly gliding overhead."

Movie link: http://thephoenixlights.net/

Earth Chosen for Galactic Exposition
MJ-12.com News Service
May 15, 2008

ZARAGOZA, SPAIN --  Attendees from several planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy have announced plans to attend an international exposition to be held from June 14 thru September 15, 2008, at Zaragoza, Spain, Earth. 
Galactic visitors flying into the host city of Zaragoza will first notice the bold emblematic buildings constructed for the event including the Water Tower, an 80-meter-high transparent landing pad designed by Enrique de Teresa evoking a large drop of water, Zaha Hadid's Bridge Pavilion and the nearby river aquarium.  The exposition site will host numerous pavilions from the countries, non-government organizations and private companies based on Earth.  The central theme of the event will be water and sustainable resource development. The host committee has estimated that over $200 million in receipts will be generated from admission to the exhibition.

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